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Callboats - electric on-demand boat succeeded in its first pilot

New electric catamaran for on-demand boat rides got its first pilot with passengers through Mobility Launchpad project of Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab. Operated by Matson Oy it was the first electric boat route pilot in Helsinki. It took over 7000 paying customers to Vartiosaari island during summer 2020. 

Developed by Finnish company Mente Marine Oy the Callboats idea is to add flexibility for boat rides in cities or archipelagos. It can be ordered through a mobile app - and more than 90 % of passengers really used it in the pilot. Callboats technology is developed towards multi-pickup points and autonomous driving. So the electric powertrain is just a start!

On Friday 13th November, Forum Virium Helsinki is organizing a webinar (in Finnish) on waterborne city transport solutions. Read more and sign up here to hear about this and many other cases! 

GateSolve Proof-of-Concept application for last meter routing

Detailed entrance and gateway data for logistics and Gatesolve PoC for last-meter routing

The last 50 metres in logistics are the hardest and slowest. In 6Aika: New Solutions in City Logistics project Forum Virium Helsinki developed a proof of concept for solving the issues of finding the right entrances.

Accurate data of 5000 entrances for buildings in Helsinki was gathered with 20 teenage summer trainees. A tool for that, Open Logistics Map, was developed by Forum Virium Helsinki. The data was evaluated and added to the commonly used OpenStreetMap. This means that third parties are now able to develop their own services with the data!

For routing the drivers to the right entrances, Sproutverse Oy and Mistmap Oy developed a proof of concept routing app called Gatesolve. It is available for testing for free in autumn 2020:

Jätkäsaari Smart Junction provides open radar data for traffic analysis

The Jätkäsaari Smart Junction project, which is a collaboration between Conveqs Oy, Aalto University and the City of Helsinki, installed the first equipment for delivering new traffic data over the summer. Now, the data is flowing and an API for the radar data is available. Aalto University is using the accurate real-time data for modeling the traffic flows and traffic light optimization in the area. In addition to Aalto’s work in the Jätkäsaari Smart Junction project, the API for the radar data is available for interested third party developers as well! 

Check out the documentation (which is continually being refined) and find contact information for requesting access here:

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab’s agile pilots

New pilots starting now

A new set of agile pilots of Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab will be conducted during this autumn and winter. The agile pilots will focus on providing detailed entrance data and last-metre routing tools for logistics companies , on drone deliveries, and on providing real-time traffic data - and incentives of smart mobility choices - to residents via a mobile app.

Agile pilots were sought through an open call during the summer, with the aim to find new innovative services and technologies that promote healthy, safe and/or sustainable mobility, and that enhance the use of local services and companies and/or increase their accessibility in the district of West Harbour area in Helsinki. 

Next open call

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab will define its next open call for agile pilots by the end of the year. For those with challenges to be solved, we’re happy to hear your suggestions on the focus areas and specific topics. For those with the great ideas and solutions – keep your eye out for the next call opening around the end of the year!

Oma ilmanlaatu – My Air Quality participatory budgeting starts

My Air Quality, an experiment of participatory budgeting in which the citizens of Jätkäsaari, Vallila and Pakila area can vote for variety of local air quality improving interventions, starts in November. The voting is done in a web-application which includes also an air quality footprint calculator and offers information on themes of sustainable lifestyle, everyday mobility and wood burning and tips on how reduce one’s personal air quality emissions. My Air Quality is part of the Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone HOPE project.

The voting is open between 2.-30.11.2020. 

Events for current and aspiring entrepreneurs

During the fall, our Launchpad-activity has and is organizing events for smart mobility entrepreneurs. 

Mobility Launchpad project organized series of empowering events for smart mobility entrepreneurs during October. The first event ‘’Creativity as a resource for running a business’’ was held on the 2nd of October at Maria 01 Urban3 space with small group of entrepreneurs to ensure the safety for all participants. The second event ‘’Economical balance’’ on the 16th of October was online event with four professional speeches and you can watch the event entirely from this Youtube link: The third event ‘’Self confidence & networks’’ on the 30th of October was a hybrid online event with two inspiring keynote speeches and an interactive confidence workshop session, video here:

HEL of a business! - a podcast about technology, business and good life

What is a smart city? And what kind of opportunities they provide for companies and people? HEL of a business! is a podcast about technology, better business and good quality of life. Tune in to hear guests from eg. Maas Global, Nordic Ninja and VTT share the secrets to innovating through agile piloting, how mobility can make a city smarter and what makes Greater Helsinki such a great hub for startups. Visit to listen.

Lab's home base "Urban 3" open for smart mobility developers in Maria 01

We can offer you our brand new space at Maria 01. Collaboration and showroom space “Urban3” is open for all kinds of events (live or stream). You can also showcase your new smart mobility innovations or have occasional co-working & meetings of your own company. In the showroom, there is Ramboll's traffic simulation model that can be used to visualize and figure out how micro-mobility or on-demand services with different characteristic could provide access to nearby areas in Helsinki. Also, you can try Metropolia's VR system for an autonomous bus experience. 

Contact: Anna-Stina Tähkävuori, Metropolia, 040 670 8525,

Photo: Helsinki Marketing

Helsinki continues to attract investment for mobility services

Foreign investors have taken note to Greater Helsinki and Finland actively enabling the trialling of mobility services by opening regulation and infrastructure. The aim is to create a vibrant ecosystem of smart mobility startups and growth companies. This has paved the way for MaaS Global’s pioneering Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) system to attract notable corporate investors to Helsinki. The company’s latest funding round raised 29.5 million euros.

Photo: Helsinki Marketing

GreenMobility will enter Helsinki to extend its Nordic green car sharing business

Helsinki will have a new shared mobility service at the end of this year as GreenMobility prepares to launch its car sharing service in Helsinki in Q4 2020 with an expected fleet of 200 electric vehicles. Helsinki Business Hub has helped the company on their journey.